What you shouldn’t do when hiring movers to move your home

Once you make a decision that you want to move, it is important to find a good moving company. However, getting the mover could be challenging since there exists many of them when you search for local and distance movers. Hiring a reliable moving company will guarantee you safety of your belongings to your new home. It is therefore important for you to know what you should and should do when hiring a reliable moving company. Here are some of the things you should keenly avoid when hiring a moving company to take you to your new home.

Not having movers visit your home prior to hiring.

A good moving company should visit your home before providing you with an accurate estimate. It is only after reviewing your home and the belongings to be moved that a mover should give you an estimate for moving. Visiting your home also helps the mover to have an inventory of your belongings which is helpful in ensuring the inventory matches the moved items. Moreover, the mover will also notice the items that need to be handled with more care to avoid damages.

Not getting several quotes from different movers

You should have three-five potential movers from whom you may hire one. Regardless of the distance you’re moving, getting quotes from different will save you some risk of exploitation. Get the estimates and compare the charges to ensure you don’t get overcharged by one company. This will help you get an average value which your move should cost. You can now do a background check on how reputable and trustworthy the company is before hiring them.  

Asking the wrong questions.

Hiring a mover is a challenging task since you need to hire a company that you’ll trust with your belongings. A trustworthy mover should be open to share with you all the relevant information you need to know and respond to questions you may ask. However, you should know the right questions to ask to ensure you have clear information about the mover. The mover should respond clearly to questions regarding the insurance, the fees, licensing and other specific details you may need to know.

Paying for the move before your belongings are unloaded

You should avoid a moving company that ask you to pay for the move upfront. You should only make full payment once the belongings have been safely delivered to your new home. Ensure you check that all the boxes and items that were in home inventory are safely delivered before you pay. Once you make the payment, it will be hard for you to report a missing item in your belongings.

Signing what you don’t understand

Paperwork is very sensitive and you therefore need to be cautious about it. Ensure you read everything on the paper and understand before signing it. Ask for clarification from the mover on anything you don’t clearly understand on the paper.